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Love, Oana

Passion. Beauty. Self Care.

Enter the realm of the feminine, learn how to take care of yourself and embody a radiant feminity.

I can take you into the unique journey of what you need to do to transform your life and live legendary passion, shine more beautiful than ever before and experience deep love with yourself and others.


The most incredible and totally unexpected journey

Ever felt stuck as a woman? Not knowing which way to go? Not feeling or feeling too much? Wondering what it means to be a woman? I was r-i-g-h-t there. Right in your place. Lonely. Confused. Unsupported. Questioning the world. Questioning myself. Questioning the status quo is what connected me with my womanhood.
My secret became The Feminine.

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When she is free, a woman can change the world!


When a woman creates, she inspires

“Oana is such an amazing coach! For many years, she’s been a constant guest on my radio show and every single time she brings fresh and resourceful information about how to take care of ourselves and our womanhood. What she says is astonishingly true — once consciously activated, the feminine energy can literally change your life!”

Adriana, Radio Host

When a woman touches, she heals

“Learning how to work with the feminine energy has been one of the most important projects of my life. And there are two very important things I’ve learned from Oana — the importance of having a guide who can show you the way and a community where you can apply and expand your knowledge. The Feminine gave me both the guidance and the access to a wonderful community. And that’s all that matters!”

Silvia, Actress

When a woman loves, she brings

“I have always had a very feminine way of approaching life. But there’s an important distinction between what you are naturally gifted with and what you consciously learn to create. Oana beautifully guided me through the ways of conscious femininity, and the Feminine offered me the community I’ve been long craving for. This is how I’ve learned to notice, nourish, and trust my natural gifts. And this helped me to transform my relationships: with my partner, with my children, with my friends, with myself. I become more self-aware, confident and wise.”

Ana, Architect

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thefeminine-testimonials Layla Martin Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality
Creator and Founder, New York
Oana is a leader of incredible power and sensuality. She awakens women into their truth. I've been impressed by her depth of knowledge and the sweetness of her heart!