Manifesto of

The Feminine

In a world of doers, you create.
In a world of followers, you nurture.
In a world of power, you bring balance.
In a world of desiring, you guide.

I’m Oana and I welcome you to this very special place I call The Feminine!

The Feminine is the fruit of my search for humanity and probably the most important lesson I’ve learned from all the women I’ve met.

And I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that The Feminine would become your home. The place where you’d find the original freedom and passion, authenticity and compassion. The place where the unique paradox that you are would be able to exist.

The Feminine is dedicated to those millions of women who, in the larger context of our modern world, are not scared to be wise and know they need spirituality to grow.

And I promise you that every single word we put down here or say out loud comes from the heart and belongs to the heart. The heart of all women around the world who, in spite of all differences, breathe and live by the rules of their heart. Women who defy hardship and go for the love lived to the fullest, and for the life embraced to the fullest. Who are not scared by the chaos within, and live by the beat of the their drumming hearts.

I dedicate The Feminine to the young and the innocent. To the brave and wild. To the warm and the graceful. To the ancient and the wise. I dedicate The Feminine to all those normal women who live extraordinary lives.

I dedicate The Feminine to you!