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Why expressing your sensuality is truly life-changing

If you are new to The Feminine, you’d be thrilled to learn that I promised to come forward, each and every month, with some of the world’s most meaningful tales. Why? Because they carry the power and the passion to reinforce your creed in the gifts of womanhood. This time, however, I will make an exception. Instead[…] Read more…

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The Gifts Of An Awakened Sensuality

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the many words we over-use and over-abuse. — Sensuality is one such word. Words are alive. That’s why, when we take them out of their original cocoon and forge them into fixations and expectations, we not only destroy their meaning and value, but we also curve their power.[…] Read more…

Exploring sensuality

Are you ready to resume your journey into the magnificent world senses and sensuality? Today, we go on with exploring deep into what is sensuality, looking further into why it is fundamental for womanhood. How does it relate to intimacy and self-care? Is it a skill or rather a woman’s innate capacity to connect with her[…] Read more…