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Why new beginnings ask for compassion

As 2017 is drawing to a close, we’re all rushing in with aspiring New Year’s resolutions. Drafting lists, planning trips, and focusing on ambitious spiritual outcomes are positively well-favoured. After all, any good coach will always come back to assessing progress. 😉 Yet, there’s something about this fashion of approaching transformation that simply doesn’t work[…] Read more…

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The Feminine Mantra For Compassion, Love, and Healing

I am typing the words you are reading now while watching in loop the vlog we’ve created for you, this month — a heart-to-heart mantra for compassion. To start with, I remember, with crystal clear accuracy, the time when we shot this video, the script writing process, the way I felt whispering the sentences, and how my[…] Read more…

[Podcast] Leap of faith

Question for you — How many times have you tried to repair broken hearts? And how many hours have you devoted to trying to glue back together the shattered pieces of cracked relationships? And from all those uncountable days and nights, how many have you dedicated to your own heart, to your own self, to[…] Read more…