Founder of The Feminine and unconditional supporter of a world transformed by the values of authenticity, inclusiveness, trust and joy.

Women champion,
transformational coach,
and speaker.

I was blessed enough to start my self-development journey when I was only 18. And never left the game, ever since.

I am fascinated by humanity and curious about what we all have to face, whether we like it or not, in search for our humanity. I am a human soul, fanatic, bewitched by the neverending challenges and adventures that arise from our thirst for evolution. This is what keeps me up at night, this is what wakes me up each and every morning.

The search for humanity is and will always remain my greatest and wildest love affair.

Putting myself in service of love and truth taught me to stay humble. It enriched me and gave me courage.

I am a lover of extremes. This is why my whole life was about navigating through opposites and learning from diversity. Cages are what I’ve always feared the most. And thus I’ve always rejected the possibility of confining myself situationally, relationally or societally. So, I have travelled the world, seeking for the many dimensions of the human heart and psyche. I travel. That is what I do. I feel and I learn.

I don’t consider myself a teacher, for I have always shared only things I’ve personally lived. My work comes from the joy I find in connecting with outlanders, sharing my own experience and being fed by the experiences of others. I have grown hugely only thanks to all the men and women I’ve met in my workshops, along the years.

The Feminine was a natural next step in my personal search for what makes a woman.

Even though experience came early, both in my personal and professional life, hardly had I felt profound happiness. I was a coach, leading leadership workshops for men and women, and I was also in a full committed partnership. I was ticking all the boxes. Yet, I wasn’t fully myself. I was loved, I was loving, and I was impacting peoples' lives. Yet, on the inside I was feeling dry. I wasn’t feminine and I had no access to it. The things I have achieved failed to fulfill the thirst. Deep inside, I was still longing for more. For a long time, it was difficult singling it out, but I was surely craving it.

This is when my spiritual journey started and I found myself being thrown out of the comfort zone into the big unknown. Deep surrender. Deep letting go. Everything had to fell to pieces so I could distinguish my truth and the answer to the question that followed me for many years — Who am I, as a woman?

Letting go of everything meant losing everything. This is when I had to become my best friend, the mother I never really had, the daughter I never actually was, the woman I could still become.

I was forced to free my inner child and become the designer of my own journey, my own life, the pioneer of my own potential.

Womanhood became essential. I was forced to learn to mother and nurture my own self. Long enough and carefully enough so that the little girl I was still carrying inside would feel safe and ready to embark into this great mysterious journey that being a Woman is.

I had to dance around the fire, to dive into what I was longing for, to dance with my passions and learn how to tame them, how to befriend them, how to use them with purpose. Learn how to sensually caress my skin, how to touch my own heart, how to breath, how to feel. And slowly, piece by piece, I gave life to a whole new me. Awoman free and happy with her own pitfalls and her own treasures.

I know I needed a safe place to feel protected enough to let go of my guard and tap into my heart.

The Feminine is not about me, or my journey. The Feminine is about you, and about your journey as a Woman.

It is my commitment to be here for you and a huge privilege to be standing for any woman out there.

I hear you, sister. I see you. I feel you, I honor you. Together we are stronger!

Love, Oana