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The Feminine Mantra For Compassion, Love, and Healing

I am typing the words you are reading now while watching in loop the vlog we’ve created for you, this month — a heart-to-heart mantra for compassion.

To start with, I remember, with crystal clear accuracy, the time when we shot this video, the script writing process, the way I felt whispering the sentences, and how my team opened up to the most vulnerable parts of their hearts.


Because what we really, really wished for was to be able to create 142 seconds charged with the power to change everything.


Is such a thing even possible?! — you might wonder.

It is, indeed.

We wished to create a mantra for you to play, over and over again, whenever you feel the pain is unbearable; whenever you feel unendurably lonely, with the feeling there’s no hope left to grasp.

We also wished to write a song for you to play whenever you need to forget, but those memories stubbornly cling to your soul.

142 seconds of bundled words hallowing the one and only thing you need the most — to forgive yourself.

You’ve probably tried everything.

You’ve tried to run away.
To bring yourself to a sudden loss of memory.
You’ve tried to fall in love like crazy.
Or to never fall in love ever again.
You’ve played hide and seek with all your feelings until you’ve reached the breaking point.

You’ve tried it all.


But end of day, there’s only one obvious truth to consider — love, compassion and forgiveness.


The moment we summon this holy trinity in our lives, we find peace.

Therefore, I open up my heart and invite you now, in quivering voice, to allow these 142 seconds to become your great compassion mantra.

The pain can be healed. And the power is there, in your beautiful heart.

With all my love,

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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