Hi, I'm Oana!

And I welcome you to this journey with a big smile and one bold commitment. I’m here to be your friend. To listen and walk you through the marvelous journey of womanhood with kindness, easiness, passion and endless joy! After walking the path for 14 years and conducting rites of passage for more than 7,000 women I bring my method to you for
an unaltered digital experience.

I'm in!

The most incredible and totally unexpected journey

Ever felt stuck as a woman? Not knowing which way to go? Not feeling or feeling to much? Wondering what it means to be a woman? I was r-i-g-h-t there. Right in your place. Lonely. Confused. Unsupported. Questioning the world. Questioning myself. Questioning the status quo is what connected me with my womanhood. My search became The Feminine.


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I dedicate The Feminine to you: the young, the brave, the friend, the sister, the woman. Wishing that every single insight you’ll get here will bring you joy, trust and deep fulfillment. The Feminine is your shelter, the sacred sanctuary where you can find endless inspiration, strength and peace.

Ready for more?

When she is free, a woman can change the world!

When a woman creates,
she inspires

When a woman touches,
she heals

When a woman loves,
she brings joy

Why The Feminine

Let go of fear, choose joy! Let go of shame, choose freedom!
Speak up. Listen deeper. Feel your heart. Connect with what supports you.

The Feminine is the space where you can feel safe and protected. The place where you can just be. Stripped of prejudice and freed from those small boxes you are asked to fit inside. Free and untamed, with a clear voice and a brave heart.

The Feminine is the place where the answers you’ve been long searching for will come together.

The Feminine is your home.

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